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What do we offer at Biscot Mill Vets

  • Microchipping

    When your pet goes missing, it causes huge turmoil to your life. Making sure they are microchipped gives you peace of mind they’ll be safely returned when found.

  • Nails & Teeth

    It’s not just us humans who need trips to the dentist! If your dog has bad breath, or your hamster’s nails or teeth need clipping, you can bring them into us for a little TLC.

  • Neutering

    Dogs will be dogs, cats will be cats, and bunnies, most certainly, will be bunnies. Avoid the risk of unwanted litters or aggressive behaviour by making sure your pet is neutered.

  • Pet Passports

    Taking your pet on holiday? Just like you, they’ll need a passport! We can help you apply for this, as well as carry out any necessary vaccinations your pet needs before leaving.

  • Vaccinations

    New puppy or kitten? Your little bundle of fluff will need its shots in order to grow up happy and healthy. Older animal? Booster vaccinations will keep them safe.

  • Worming & Fleas

    Fleas and worms not only make your pet’s life miserable; they can make yours pretty miserable too! Protect your pet, or get quick action against nasty infestations.

Pet Nutrition

Pet Nutrition

Our guidance to the optimal diet for your pet

Surgical Procedures

Undergoing a surgical procedure is a worrying and scary experience for us, let alone your pet. Unaware of what is happening to them, they depend on us for quick and calm action with minimum stress and discomfort.

Whether they have been involved in an accident or there is an underlying medical problem, your pet will be treated to the very finest surgical care to help them achieve the best quality of life.
Going under
Trained anaesthetists will be responsible for making sure your pet goes under safely, without compromising their health.
Recovery time
After the operation, if needed, your pet will stay under observation in our comfortable facilities. We’ll make sure they’re well looked after.

Is your pet suffering after an accident? Let our surgical team nurse them back to health. Call 01582 730105 To Book Your Appointment


Time for a check-up! Veterinary consultations for your pets

Getting a new pet is an exciting time, whether it’s an adorable little puppy or the kids’ first bunny rabbit. With any new pet, it is always worth your while to book in a veterinary consultation to check their health, get any necessary vaccinations and to receive valuable advice from animal experts on how best to care for your pet going forward.

Already got an existing pet and think it may be time for a check-up? Just give us a call and we can make sure your pet has everything it needs for a happy and healthy life.
Having regular consultations will ensure that your pet is developing as it should. Any potential health problems will be spotted and dealt with early.
Every pet is different so you may not know what to expect. Let us help you plan for your pet’s future. From vaccinations to screenings, we can help you mark off the milestones.
Help & Advice
Not sure what your guinea pig should be eating? How much exercise your new dog needs? Any questions you have will be answered by our helpful team of animal lovers.

Is your furry friend under the weather? Our kind and caring vets will look after them for you. Call 01582 730 105 To Book Your Appointment.